Google Calendar Sync (No Importing)

When someone first signs up for The Customer Factor and they use or have been using google calendar in their business, they might think that just by syncing The Customer Factor with Google that all the appts will sync over to CF. It won't. 

We didn't make it where someone can automatically bring all their appts over from google calendar. We can set up two-way Google calendar syncing AFTER the customers and appts are in CF but it's not set up to automatically bring all your appts over from Google initially. 

The main reason is because we've seen folks insert info into Google in many different ways. For example, I've seen addresses and phone numbers in the "what" field (which is where the name is). So The Customer Factor has no way to distinguish between what's the name and what's the address which means you'll end up with data in the wrong fields. 

For example, let's say you have this in the "what" field: Sam Smith Pressure Cleaning 324 Main St. The Customer Factor doesn't know what to do with that. It doesn't know that "sam" is the first name and "Smith" is the last name. So it'll bring over all this data and split it up between the first name and last name fields and you'll end up with "Sam" in the first name field and "Smith Pressure Cleaning 324 Main St" in the last name field.

So what you have to do is to export your appts out of Google first and then they can be imported into CF. You can use to do this.

Click the "Login to your Google Account" button at the bottom left at the above web page. When you do that you'll then be asked to select which calendars you want to export (this it at top left). Then choose the "from" and "to" date for how many weeks/months appts you want to export. For example, maybe you want to export appts from the first of this month until 3 months from now. So select those dates and then click the "Create Excel report (.xls)" button at bottom. You can then save it right to your desktop and attach the file to an email and send it us (

We'll take a look at it and modify it so that it can be imported into The Customer Factor

Once this is done and your customers and appts have been imported, then we can set up two-way sync where you can schedule appts in google and appts will flow properly to CF and you can schedule in CF and the appts will transfer properly to google.

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