Prospect Email: Estimate with Pricing

This particular prospect email rule is powerful! The reason is that it's not just a single email. You can set up automated follow-ups to do the work for you when following up. You can rely on the automated follow-ups completely or maybe mix in a call or text message also but this will really do the heavy lifting for you. start visiting the email automation screen and scrolling down to the Prospects section and focus on the 3rd rule which says "After Presenting the Estimate/Proposal (estimate created/$ pricing)".

Check the checkbox in front of "Rule" and insert the # of days you want to send the first email if you want to use a different number than "2". "2" is the default # of days and is already populated in the field. What # you insert here is when the first follow up email will be sent after the estimate or big proposal has been emailed to the prospect.

The next step is to select the type of prospect to set up the email for. You can create multiple automated emails for different types of prospects (ie: one series of emails for residential prospects and a different series of emails for commercial prospects). Or you can simply choose "All Prospects". 

And then you have the option to exclude any prospect based on "type" or by "name". Maybe there is a property manager that you provide quotes to and you don't want this prospect receiving multiple follow up emails for each quote you provide:

Then all we need to do now is create the email. No worries. We have 7 samples for you all ready to go! So go ahead and click the "Sample Follow up after Estimate Email" link and you'll open up a window with the email in it already populated:

You can edit it or do whatever you would like to the email and add your own touch or you can use it "as is".

Once the email template is created, There's an option for you to "send a series of follow up emails after the above email". Simply tick on the box and you'll see a "sample email" link. Click on that to open up that email sample (each email is different), make edits if you want to, and select the # of days after the previous email that this particular email should be sent:

Then click "save and activate", click the next "sample" link and open up that email sample, select the # of days after the previous email that this particular email should be sent, click "save and activate", etc. etc. You can set it up so all 7 emails are used or maybe you only want to create 3 follow-ups or 4 follow-ups, etc. Create as many as you feel comfortable with. 

If you're looking for an idea on what spacing to use for the series of follow up emails, here is our recommendation:

Email 1: sent 2 days after the big proposal or estimate is emailed to prospect

Email 2: send 4 days after email 1

Email 3: send 5 days after email 2

Email 4: send 6 days after email 3

Email 5: send 7 days after email 4

Email 6: send 10 days after email 5

Email 7: send 20 days after email 6

Feel free to adjust as needed. You may want to reduce the spacing and send them more follow-ups within a shorter period of time (ie: 7 emails within 20 days) or you may want to increase the spacing and send prospects the follow-up emails over a greater period of time (ie: 7 emails spread out over 40 days). 

When you're all done you can click "Update" and let The Customer Factor do its thing. :)

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