Browser Setup: Firefox

Since The Customer Factor is a web application, we're dependent on your internet browser. The best browsers are Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Internet Explorer or Edge is not recommended.  So assuming you're using Firefox (If not, then visit the google chrome article) we'll first discuss removing header and footer info in order for you to be able to print clean estimates and invoices. Then we'll discuss disabling popups. 

Header & Footer Removal

Click the 3 horizontal lines at top right and click the "Print" option" as shown:

Then click the "Page Setup" button at top left.

Next, click the "margins and header/footer" tab at top of window and at the bottom make sure the 6 dropdowns are set to blank.

Click "Apply" and then click "Close window". You now have your headers and footers removed from Firefox

Disabling Popups

 Click on the menu at top right and click "Options".

Make sure to click on "Privacy & Security" at left.

Then scroll down until you see "Block pop-up windows" which is under the "Permissions" heading. 

You can either uncheck the option to disable all popups or you can click the "exceptions" button and add "" and "" into the exceptions window. 

And that's it for popups!

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