App: Clock In and Out

Clocking in/out here at The Customer Factor is done using the APP.

If you log into the APP, you'll see the clock in/clock out button on the dashboard. Simply tap the "Clock In" icon to start tracking hours.

 After clocking in, you will notice the time stamp below which confirms that you're logged in. This is also where you can see the login history.

If you want to view the history screen, simply tap the space below the clock and this will display the date, time, and location from where you logged in and out. In order to return to the dashboard, press the back button on your device.

Once your crew is logged in, you'll be able to view their logged-in time by going to the daily calendar, scroll at the bottom part of the page and you will see "clock in/out".

You can also manually add another person and log their hours. It is done by clicking the plus (+) image on the right of the "Clock In/Out" as shown:

Select the name of the employee, set the starting and ending time and click "Save".

Once it's saved, the employee's time will reflect on the screen and if you need to make changes, you can edit it by clicking the pencil icon right next to the total time.

You can then select the date and time and click "Save" to apply the changes you made.

And lastly, you can run search reports back in the main software program on the reports screen                            ( ) and click on employee/pay hours. 

Select the desired period and click "Search". And that's it.

If you are interested in how you can track time spent on the job using the APP, Time Tracking in the APP is a good article to see that information.

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