Customer Email: Job Scheduling Confirmation

This automated email gets triggered when you schedule a job. So as soon as you schedule a job anywhere in The Customer Factor or in the app the customer will receive this email.  

So first, please visit the email automation screen.

Or you can visit the email automation screen by hovering your mouse over the " My Account" tab, scrolling down to "Email Options", and clicking "Email Automation":

The scheduling confirmation job rule is the first rule on the page so go ahead and tick the box in front of "Job Rule". 

You can then select from the dropdown the type of customer you want to send this email to. For example, maybe you want residential customers to receive one kind of email and commercial customers to receive a different kind of email (you can select multiple groups). Or maybe you want just residential customers to receive scheduling confirmations. So you have choices. In our example we'll just send scheduling confirmation emails to residential customers only.

Then all you have to do is click on the "Sample Scheduling Confirmation Email" link that you see in the above screenshot to open up a sample email. You can use it "as is" or you can edit it to better fit your needs:

Please note above the arrows pointing to the subject field, the message area, and the "Personalize" dropdowns. The subject and email message can be edited of course but when you have your cursor in the editor the "Personalize" dropdown becomes active. You can then click it and insert tokens and personalize the email. For example, maybe you want to show an arrival time in the email or maybe you want to display an employee photo, or maybe you want to display the location (full or partial) in the email, etc. So you can personalize the email quite a bit.

Then all you do is click the "Save & Activate" button and you're good to go:

Don't forget to click the "Update" button at bottom of customers section in order to save what you just did. 

As a side note, not all users are interested in sending scheduling confirmation emails.  You may be more interested in our automated appt reminder emails. To compare the two, as mentioned above the scheduling confirmation emails gets sent right away when a job is scheduled. The appt reminder emails get sent x number of days prior to the appt. You may want to set up both emails or you may care more about just setting up the automated appt reminder emails. If that's the case, here is the article on setting up appt reminders.

See ya!

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